Emotions and memories could cross at the wilderness. By going to an unfamiliar place, the memories psychologically hidden in human beings will be brought up unconsciously, and a deep feeling to a place that a person has never seen will be evoked. In other words, a person’ true nature is trying to approach the substance of the natural world.

This explanation that people are approaching nature may sound inappropriate for some; however, nature always surrounds us, and we suppose not forget that humanity is nature.

In nature, there is an existence of life and death, the spirit dwells, and the idea of time flows.

While we are living a life, by moving a bit far from where we are, it brings us unusual feelings to our mind. They could be impressive, sensational or even uneasy feelings. Walking and exploring unknown forests and oceans may bring a primitive sense. I am searching how I can represent this strange feeling whether it can be transformed like the ore by an alchemist, without relying on a specific form.