Isolation and alienation as themes have intrigued me and are the keywords in fabricating my artworks. In placing the self as the solitary figure in a barren landscape, I re-acknowledged my fate as a human being to work alone, even when performing communication art.

The idea of the allegory of the cave has inspired me. The Greek philosopher Plato presented the theory concerning human perception. It is written as a dialogue in his work for the Republic to compare “the effect of education and the lack of it in our nature”. He claimed that knowledge gained through the senses is no more than opinion and that, to have real experience, we must learn it through philosophical reasoning. Therefore to engage mentally with one’s environment is essential.

I’ve always admired the power of nature. Its experience told me that I should go out and face the phenomena of mother earth, as opposed to human creations. There was such a gap between exploring in an imaginary world and placing oneself in the wild landscape.

I am a painter and performer and interested in its process more than the result. I usually take a cubicle as my canvas anywhere and I start painting by being in any situation, in a park, an art gallery, the crowd, or in the wild.

Because one of my themes is Alienation and Alien as a wordplay, I wear an alien costume, and this squared shaped canvas become like a spaceship for me.
With covering myself in this costume, drawing primarily from the inside like a person who starts painting in a cave. The spirit of the land will invite the painter and quietly walk into the transparent box-shaped spaceship and begin to paint in the sparkling light.

Theory of Colors by Goethe also intrigues me as the nature of the colours and how humans perceive these colours. People tend to understand the hue of a landscape ecologically as green, but in fact, there are more colours of prism, rainbow, shadow and reflections. Among them, the tone of transparency and sparking light is my primary research.

Nowadays outer space is no longer far away. The aliens living in Mars are friends as neighbours next to star borders, not just national borders.