I am applying the concept of a frame, as used in conventional painting to every object and everything everywhere.

There are many places where I paint places such as the window formed by the screen of a computer, or a TV, the space between the legs of a chair, the corner of a room, or the surface or the inside of a coat.

I paint on anything anywhere, especially on the everyday space where we don’t even notice. I see these spaces as frames, and because my canvas is usually transparent the material allows for the connection between what I painted and the ambient space in between. The boundary between the space and the surface of painting is a point of union. Individual depth of view is something I try to convey with my works.

These days, communication with the place and the people is a keyword to fabricate my artworks.

One of my projects, “Painting Day by Day in The World” allows me to talk casually to the public since we ordinarily do not converse with each other.

The painting performance, in which I paint from inside a telephone box shaped canvas, covered with transparent vinyl. Inside the space I want to find a motif which relates to the place and space around. I prefer, possibly unusually, to choose an insect as this motif, whilst at the same time wearing a white costume to cover myself and hide my identity.

I also do “painterly” installations by taking everyday objects, considered the tableau or medium, and using imperfections such as stains, fingerprints, and other marks, to as a starting point to paint a landscape on the everyday object. It is a collective work of “ready-made”, and possible to say an extension of the painting.

Both works look totally different, but are based on the idea of painting and exchange in communication with the place and the people.

I am using mixed media, which I usually pick up from the street or find in local second-hand shops, or even from the internet. Based on transparent material, such as vinyl sheets, tracing paper, acrylic board, and glass, I will try to go beyond the boundary of my expectations.

Furthermore, not only for my painting performance, but also for installation work, I am considering the idea that audience participation is part of the installation. I feel I would like to create a system of more organic audience participation.

I am rather interested in what is beyond the art context, and its communication as art works.

絵画を解体し、組み立て再構成するような試みは、今日的テーマとして継続されていると認識している。 絵画という形式にこだわらず、単にインスタレーションと断言すれば良いのだろうが、未だに枠と絵画の形式にこだわっている。しかしそこに意味があるのだろうかと思いながらも続けている。