1994  京都教育大学教育学部特修美術科卒業
2004  Chelsea College of Art and Design, BA Painting(イギリス、ロンドン)卒業

2007   アートスペース虹(京都)
2008   アートスペース虹(京都)
2009   STREET GALLERY (神戸)
2010   不二画廊(大阪)
2011   不二画廊(大阪)、2kw 58(大阪)
2012   2kw 58(大阪)、galerie”見る倉庫”(大阪)
2013   アートスペース虹(京都)、STREET GALLERY(神戸)、2kw gallery(大阪)
2015   不二画廊(大阪)、STREET GALLERY(神戸)
2016   不二画廊(奈良)、2kw 58(大阪)   

2005    吉原治良賞 (大阪府立現代美術センター)
      リキテックス・ビエンナーレ (スパイラル/東京)
2007    京都裏アートマップ2007 (京都芸術センター/京都)
      アートコートフロンティア2007 #5 (アートコートギャラリー/大阪)
2009    drawing 3人展 (不二画廊/大阪)
      ベルリン+東京 交流展 (Higure 17-18 cas/東京)
      P&E 2009 (アートコートギャラリー/大阪)
2010    アーツチャレンジ2010(愛知芸術文化センター/名古屋)
      To-Be東京ベルリンコミュニケーションアート展(Freies Museum, ベルリン)
2011     六甲ミーツ・アート芸術散歩2011
      (オルゴールミュージアム ホール・オブ・ホールズ六甲)
2012    ギャラリズムin天満橋CITY MALL (大阪)
2015    ArtMACHI散歩2015春(梅田スカイビル、大阪)
2016    ART GARDEN (阪急西宮ガーデンズ、兵庫)
2017    LEAVING LANGUAGE IN A JAPANESE LIMOUSINE (メトロポリタンギャラリー/Folkestone, イギリス)

I am applying the concept of a frame, as used in conventional painting to every object and everything everywhere.
There are many places where I paint places such as the window formed by the screen of a computer, or a TV, the space between the legs of a chair, the corner of a room, or the surface or the inside of a coat.
I paint on anything anywhere, especially on the everyday space where we don’t even notice.
I see these spaces as frames, and because my canvas is usually transparent the material allows for the connection between what I painted and the ambient space in between. The boundary between the space and the surface of painting is a point of union. Individual depth of view is something I try to convey with my works.

2001-2004  Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, UK – BA Fine Art
1994-1995  Kyoto University of Education Japan – (Research Course in Fine Art)
1990-1994  Kyoto University of Education Japan – Bachelor of Education of Art

2016     Fuji Gallery(Nara), 2kw 58(Osaka)
2015     Fuji Gallery(Osaka), Street Gallery (Kobe)
2013     Art Space NIJI(Kyoto), Street Gallery (Kobe), 2kw gallery(Osaka)
2012     2kw 58(Osaka), Miru-soko(Osaka)
2011     Fuji Gallery(Osaka), 2kw 58(Osaka)  
2010     Fuji Gallery(Osaka)
2009     Street Gallery (Kobe)
2008     Art Space NIJI(Kyoto)
2007     Art Space NIJI(Kyoto)
2004     Artists Gallery in Willesden Library Centre(London UK)
1999,2002   T-BOX, Ginza(Tokyo)
1998     Self-So-Art Gallery(Osaka),Osaka Contemporary Art Centre(Osaka)
1998,1996,1995  Fuji Gallery(Osaka)

2017    LEAVING LANGUAGE IN A JAPANESE LIMOUSINE, The Metropole Gallery (Folkestone, UK)
2016    ART GARDEN, Hankyu Nishinomiya Gardens (Hyogo)
2015    Art Machi Sanpo 2015 Spring in Umeda Sky Building (Osaka)
2012    Gallerism in Tenmabashi City Mall (Osaka)
2011    Rokko Meets Art 2011 (kobe)
2010    Berlin+Tokyo Communication Art organised by Tatsumi Orimoto(Berlin, Germany)
2009    Presentation & Exhibition @ ARTCOURT Gallery(Osaka)
2009    Berlin+Tokyo Communication Art organised by Tatsumi Orimoto(Tokyo)
2007    Art Court Frontier 2007 #5, Art Court Gallery(Osaka)
2007    Kyoto Ura Art Map, Kyoto Art Center(Kyoto)
2003    Blue Wing Gallery, Richmond(Surry UK)
2003    Red Gate Gallery, Camberwell(London UK)
2002    ’Boderline’ Century Gallery(London UK)

2005    YOSHIWARA JIROU-Prize(Osaka)
2005    Liquitex Biennale(Tokyo)
2003    SOFTON OPEN 2003 The Atkinson Art Gallery (Liverpool, UK)
1995,1996  Modern Art (Tokyo,Osaka)